Welcome to our lush subtropical oasis in Kerikeri, New Zealand.

We are Irwin Lawson and Geraldine Davy sharing our passion for cultivating and showcasing the vibrant beauty of subtropical plants with you.
Our garden is an example of years of dedicated planting for all insect, animal and bird life, a haven we value and share online with fellow enthusiasts.

Nestled in the heart of Kerikeri, the garden is a symphony of colours and textures, featuring a wide variety of subtropical species from New Zealand and around the world. Majestic palms and exotic ferns mix with the brilliant blooms of orchids and bromeliads, our garden is a testament to the diverse flora that thrives in these unique microclimates.

We live our life through every corner of this garden. With our photography and experimental endeavors, we aim to not only showcase the splendour of these plants, but also inspire others to explore the world of subtropical gardening.
Join us on this journey in our green paradise and discover the secrets and joys of cultivating these remarkable plants in the subtropical haven of Kerikeri, New Zealand.