I am always attempting to capture important moments in the life of our New Zealand birds.
My aim is to discover closer details of these birds that often cannot be seen with the naked eye.
These screensavers are my way of sharing these images with you.
Each one has it’s own control panel for easy slide navigation and audio control.

Collection One Screensavers

MacOS 10.11 and later
Windows 10

#1 – Ruru/Morepork Friends – 12 Images
#2 – Thrush and Sparrow Dispute – 22 Sequential Images
#3 – Tauhou/Waxeye Battle -15 Sequential Images
#4 – Two Tui In Conversation Video
#5 – Ruru/Morepork with Fantail Video
#6 – Kereru/Morepork/Waxeye/Tui Videos
#7 – Bees in slow motion Video
#8 – Waxeye/Sparrow Surprise Video

Full package of 8 screensavers …………..$7.99 NZD