About Me

I’m Irwin Lawson, a photographer, videographer, and website designer. With a keen eye for detail and a love for visual storytelling, I specialize in capturing unforgettable moments and creating stunning digital experiences.

As a photographer, I strive to freeze time and encapsulate emotions through my lens. From landscapes to heartfelt portraits, my goal is to bring out the beauty in every subject and evoke a sense of wonder in those who view my photographs. I believe that a single image has the power to tell an entire story, and I’m dedicated to capturing those unique narratives in every frame.


Bird Photography

My wife and I live on a property in Kerikeri in the Far North of New Zealand.
We planted this property over 20 years ago with a variety of subtropical plants in an effort to recreate some of the environments we experienced when travelling to Asia.
These plantings were done keeping in mind that we also wanted to create a haven for birds.
This has enabled me to gain the trust of many of these birds and be able to photograph them.


Travel Video & Stills

We are previous owners of two Enz of the Earth stores in the Bay of Islands of New Zealand importing & selling handmade goods from Asia. Over a period 20 years we have travelled, to Bali, Thailand, China and India many times. This travel has given us many contacts and friends who help us find great locations for our video stories.


360 Degree video and stills

I am currently working on developing web 360 video and stills.
At present they are a work in progress, and need to be fine tuned.

Drone Video and Stills